Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get bids from contractors for my remodel?
Contractors need to view the design intent in order to give an accurate quote for their services. Many clients have told me that they already have bids from contractors regarding their remodel, but they don't yet have a design to use for their quote. I want to make sure our clients are getting the most accurate information. I highly recommend that you receive the completed design before searching for contractors, looking at their previous work, reviews, and references.

What should my budget should be?
This is a tough one. While you often want to know what the end cost could be for a project, purchasing materials for remodels is not like shopping at your local convenience store where items are already made and not customizable. The design cost fluctuates based on what materials are selected. Marble is going to cost more than ceramic tile, etc. While we always design with affordability in mind, thinking about your maximum budget is very important to helping advance the design. I guarantee that you would much rather have an idea in mind for your budget, than let your designer guess.

Can you give me a quote for cabinetry before starting my project?
In order to provide an accurate quote, the designer and client need to communicate about the design and develop it further with a cabinetry manufacturer, which is part of the design services.

What is the value of an interior designer when there are so many DIY videos out now?
I commend all the DIYers out there! However, sometimes it’s not that easy to coordinate everything, and just a little design consulting can help move you in the right direction. Think about this analogy: Cutting hair is a skilled profession, and although you could do it yourself … it doesn't mean that you should.
I have studied for 4 years at an accredited institute specializing in interior design, worked with several other local design companies throughout the years & have experience working in the field with many different design styles & remodels.
If you are interested in renovating, or redecorating to make your house a home, a space of comfort, laughter and love— I am here for you!


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