Curated Comfort Interiors was created to provide design services to families and individuals who grew up the way I did: without much money for luxury/interior design. When I first experienced interior design, I saw it as something that was unattainable for people with a similar financial background as myself. I decided to create my own interior design company so my family and others like ours would have the opportunity to benefit from beautiful, budget-minded design.

CCI is here to provide quality design services at reasonable prices for people that appreciate the value of an educated interior designer. Interior design has benefits for both physical and mental health, from creating customized cabinetry that allows our clients to store items without straining themselves, to transforming a dark, depressing room into a brightly-lit sanctuary. CCI provides a scope of services from interior design to exterior design (front & backyards). I have helped clients with a variety of projects from smaller DIY designs up to a large outdoor kitchen with a barbecue, pizza oven, and multiple fire pits.  With every client, I am excited to learn about what makes you YOU. Every design has a different style and I welcome the challenge to create a new curated, comfortable masterpiece!



Jasmine Borromeo | Principal Interior Designer

B.F.A. Interior Design, Design Institute of San Diego

“My favorite part of any project is my client’s excitement with their finished space. I love decorating the spaces at the end of a project and showing my clients what it looks like to have a completed design. The cherry on the top is seeing their reactions.”