Initial Consultation

We schedule a home visit to view the space and assess your needs. We also take this time to discuss your budget, design goals and style.

This allows us to learn more about you and create a tailored design strategy. Then we send over a proposal detailing the project scope and design cost.


Concept & Design Development

We begin research and selections of materials and furnishings. Then we create visual elements to help you envision your dream design.

We meet with you to review design options. Minor changes are made, if needed, and the design is signed off on.

Materials and furnishings are purchased. Yay!



From conceptual design to project management throughout the construction process, we are here for you! At the completion of construction, the designer & team of installers place our selected décor into your home.

Enjoy your Curated Comfort space!





Kitchen + Bath Designs

You use your kitchen and bathroom daily, so why not make them beautiful and functional? Improving the most used spaces benefits your day-to-day activities. These areas of your home should make you feel comfortable and happy to be in. Adequate lighting, functional spaces and organization are good for your health, so let’s get designing!

Exterior Designs

Backyard Makeover Package: Who doesn’t love the great outdoors? Make your outdoor living space truly great with an exterior design makeover!

This service includes:

  • Floorplan(s)

  • Rendered perspectives (so you can see exactly how it’ll look with colors + materials before we dive in with renovation!)

  • Stucco color or exterior paint consult

  • Flooring options (stone, concrete, decomposed granite, etc.)

  • Outdoor Kitchen Appliance options and layout

  • Outdoor Furniture options

  • Outdoor lighting options

  • Custom pillows/cushion designs or pre-made options

  • Decor selection

*Landscaping not included

We customize our services based on your needs. If you see a service you don’t need, or need a service we haven’t listed, let us know! We’d be happy to accommodate you.

DIY Assistance + Paint Consultation

We provide this service to our clients who are more hands on & who already have furniture or other materials they want to use. This design service helps guide clients by coordinating items they already own with a few crucial design elements to tie the space together. If you have a room with furniture that’s working for you, but the functionality is lacking a bit, let’s get that fixed!

As part of our Kitchen + Bath Design services, we work with preferred vendors to achieve a cohesive look with high quality cabinetry. We also create designs for custom built-in entertainment units, bedroom/closet cabinetry built-ins, laundry room cabinetry, etc.

Custom Cabinetry Designs

Interior Decorating + Space Planning

Whether you need a full home office design or select furniture pieces and accessories to help bring a room together, we’re here for you. The goal, as always, is to improve your home by increasing the aesthetic quality and function of each space.