Tip of the Week: Contingency plans are your best friend

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There’s nothing more thrilling than ripping out a wall or old cabinetry to replace it with something new and beautiful! There’s also nothing that’s more of a bummer than finding out that you’ve got termites, mold or something else going on behind your newly torn down space. Like everything in life, remodels can present problems that are nearly impossible to foresee.

Make sure you have a contingency plan in place to address these issues if they arise! Saving an additional 15 percent of the construction total is a good start for your budget. In general, it’s good to understand that while you can go into a grocery or department store and be certain that the listed price is what you’re paying, problems during the construction phase, fluctuating prices and fleeting sales can all affect the final cost of your project and materials. We just want to make sure you factor this in to your project budget. Contact us with any questions, we’re here for you!